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Ship Reunions and Memorial Services

June 2010 Reunion


Welcome aboard the USS SLATER! All groups need to notify the SLATER directly of the day and time they wish to visit the ship. Please call 518-431-1943 or contact the tour coordinator. We will make the reservation for you and send you a ship confirmation form. Reunion groups may choose to hold a memorial service on the ship. These can be very simple or more formal, as your group prefers.

For your service, DEHM will provide, at no charge: the SLATER color guard, persons to toll the ship's bell, a podium, a good-quality sound system and recorded music. When you make your reservation to visit the ship, please let us know if you intend to have a memorial service. If you would like to utilize the SLATER color guard, please let us know at the time of your reservation so we may make the appropriate arrangements.

The reunion group must make outside arrangements and payment for any chaplain services, floral arrangements, tent or chair rentals or photography/video services. The reunion group must also arrange for any other services they wish to have (such as live music). The ship does not handle these arrangements. If you have problems with arrangements or have any questions about them or about the memorial service in general, please contact the tour coordinator.

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Our reunion group admission is $7.00/person. While we do not charge admission for DE sailors, we greatly appreciate a donation using the $7.00/person figure as a guide for the amount of your gift. Of course, donations above this amount are always welcome. We would be grateful if any non-DE group decides to give a donation. We request that the reunion coordinator collect admission for all spouses, family members, and guests before arrival, rather than have each participant in the reunion pay individually. As you may already know, we have also begun our long-range plan of securing an endowment fund in order to insure the ship's future success. If anyone in your group would like some information about the endowment, we would be pleased to furnish it or answer any questions that you might have. We look forward to seeing you and your shipmates on the SLATER.

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Many ship reunions that we host include a memorial service as part of their visit to the USS SLATER. Below is a guideline for a typical onboard memorial service. This guideline is intended to assist you in your planning, if you wish to conduct your service in another way that is fine; please let us know the details well in advance of your visit. We have included a brief explanation of the master of ceremonies duties vis-à-vis the color guard. Most ships do have a formal memorial program printed for their guests, but that is up to you. If you have any questions regarding memorial services in general or these guidelines in particular, please call the ship.

Master of ceremony: Announce attention to colors - "please stand"
Master of ceremony: "Color Guard, post the colors."
Presentation of colors
Pledge of Allegiance
approximate time - 5 minutes
approximate time - 5 to 10 minutes
approximate time - 1 minute
Master of ceremony: "Ladies and Gentlemen, Our National Anthem."
National Anthem
Remembrance of Comrades with bell toll
Release of Wreath or flowers
approximate time - 2 minutes
approximate time - 5 to 10 minutes
approximate time - 5 to 10 minutes
approximate time - 3 to 5 minutes
Master of ceremony: "Please stand for Taps."
Closing Comments
Navy or Coast Guard Hymn
approximate time - 1 minute
approximate time - 5 minutes
approximate time - 1 minute
approximate time - 4 minute
Master of ceremony: "Color Guard, retire the colors."
Retire Colors approximate time - 3 minutes

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