USS Slater - Destory Escort Historical Museum



Pre-Visit Activities

Here are several educational activities for you and your family to try before visiting the ship!

Morse Code- This sheet will provide your children with the Morse Code alphabet and an opportunity to learn their names in code. Morse Code was one of the most important methods of communication used by the Navy during World War II.

Morse Code Sheet
Morse Code Activity

Semaphore- The Semaphore sheet teaches your children one of the fastest methods of communication used by the Navy. Have your children make their own semaphore flags, or just use their arms to send coded messages to one another!

Semaphore Activity

Signal Flags- This activity will allow your children to receive and understand messages sent by signal flag. You can find the signal flag alphabet here or have your children create their own signal flag alphabet.

Signal Flags Activity

Word Search-

Convoy Duty
Crew's Mess
Man Your Stations

Crew Organization- Put your children's graphing skills to the test while teaching them how the SLATER's crewmen were organized. This sheet shows you the crew departments on a warship and what jobs men had within those departments. Have your children chart the size of each department on a graph, then discuss why some departments are so large and some are so small.

Crew Organization Activity

The following links offer information about the Battle of the Atlantic during World War II, a brief history of destroyer escorts, and the USS SLATER's history page on this website. These pages will give you and your family some background information that will help to place the USS SLATER within the context of World War II history.

Nautical Vocabulary - Turn your landlubbers into sailors! Familiarize yourself and your students with some nautical terms before your visit to the SLATER.

Battle of the Atlantic - The Imperial War Museum's online exhibition of the Battle of the Atlantic.

Destroyer Escort History - The Official Website of the Destroyer Escort Sailors Association.

USS SLATER History - The History page from the USS SLATER's website.

Now that your students have learned about the SLATER's role in the Battle of the Atlantic, let them take command of a convoy and escort it safely to England! This game is from the British Broadcasting Corporation's website. Requires Flash.

Convoy Escort Game

Be sure to check this site for more activities in the future!