USS Slater - Destory Escort Historical Museum



First Platform Deck Plan

bosun locker
Lavatoryup CPO Lavatory
Lavatorydown CPO Lavatory
CPOdown passage
CPO passage
CPOup passage
Fwd Berth
Fwd BerthdownFwd Berth
Fwd EnginedownUPFwd Engine
Fwd Engine
Fwd EnginedownUPFwd Engine
Fwd Engine
Fwd Motor
Fwd Motor downUPFwd Motor
Fwd Motor
Fwd Motor downUPFwd Motor
Aft Engine downUP Aft Engine
 Aft Engine UP Aft Engine down Aft Engine
 Aft Engine
 Aft Motor down Aft Motor UP Aft Motor
 Aft Motor down Aft Motor
 Aft Motor
 Aft Motor UPdown Aft Motor
Aft Berth Sick Bay
Aft BerthupAft Berth
Aft BerthupAft Berth
Aft BerthdownAft Berth
Aft Berth
Aft BerthdownAft BerthdownAft Berth
Aft BerthupAft Berth
Aft BerthdownAft Berth
Aft BerthSupply Office
Officers CabinPassagedownLaundry
Carpenter ShopSteering GearChem Warfare Equipment
Steering Gear

The first platform level is essentially divided into three sections, forward crew quarters, engine and motor rooms and aft crew quarters.

The forward section starts at the bow with the boatswain's locker. Next aft is the anchor windlass room followed by a passageway with a crew's washroom on the port side and the CPO's washroom on starboard. Next is a passageway on the starboard with stairs to the main deck at the number 1 gun shelter and the CPO's quarters on the port side. Through the next bulkhead is the forward crew berthing with a stair to the second platform, followed by the crew's mess. In the mess area are two stairs to the main deck and stairs to the second platform. There is no access further aft through the engine and motor sections.

The middle section consists of the forward engine room, forward motor room, aft engine room and aft motor room. These are all accessed independently from hatches in the main deck passageway on the starboard side of the galley and muffler rooms. There are emergency exit hatches on the main deck on the port side. There is no interconnectivity between the engine and motor rooms.

The aft section is accessed from stairs just aft of the main deck crew's washrooms. The first space is aft crew berthing with the sick bay on the starboard side. Another crew berthing space is aft followed by a third space. The third space has a stair to a fantail hatch and a supply office on the starboard side. Further aft is a passageway with the laundry on starboard and an officers' cabin on port. Last aft is the after steering compartment with access to a carpenter's shop on port. A chemical warfare material room is on starboard accessed through the laundry.