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Officers' Country

Officer’s country contained the four staterooms where the SLATER’s officers lived two to a compartment, except the executive officer who had a private stateroom. Politely called staterooms, these cabins functioned as sleeping quarters, lounges and offices. Based on appearances, the officers had much better living arrangements than the enlisted men one deck below them. In actuality, they did not have that much extra space. Packed with uniforms, technical manuals, life jackets, helmets, toilet gear and a photo of the girl back home, there was barely room to breathe. Curtains provided the only privacy.

The lights in these spaces burned late. Paperwork was the bane of every naval officer and they often could be found working well after lights out. They wrote reports on training, fitness, action, and material – all of which were summarized quarterly. In addition, schedules, requisitions and inventories flowed from these cubicles in a constant stream. They did find time to write home, the only paper work they did not mind doing.

The last compartment on the starboard side belonged to the Executive Officer or XO. He was the second in command aboard the ship. The XO reported directly to the Commanding Officer and was responsible for all administrative duties, as well as keeping the ship running smoothly. 

Officer's Country
Officers' country passageway on the USS SLATER DE766

Executive Officer's Stateroom
Executive Officer's stateroom on the USS SLATER DE766


Stateroom of the USS DURIK DE666
Officer's stateroom aboard the USS DURIK DE666


Pre-Restoration Stateroom
Officer's stateroom before restoration


Stateroom after restoration
Officer's stateroom after restoration

Offices' country panoramic