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Flying Bridge

Sound Hut
Signal Mandown to bridge
Sound Hut
Instrument Panel area
pelorusdown to bridge
lookout port fwdrange finderlookout starboard fwd
lookout port aftControl Houselookout starboard aft
Mast Platform

The flying bridge and sky lookouts, level 03. This level was also known as the captain's bridge. The sound hut, also called the sonar room or asidic cabinet in the Royal Navy, is forward, containing the sonar stack, tactical range recorder and attack plotter. Outside and aft of the sound hut is a raised decking flanked by two observation posts with seats and footrests. Mounted on the outside bulkhead of the sound hut is the instrumentation for ship control, such as a target bearing indicator, gyro compass repeater, intercoms, etc.

Immediately aft on the centerline is the pelorus followed by a platform with the 2.5 meter optical range finder. Originally a MK51 gun director was here with the range finder further aft, but when the gun director was upgraded to a MK52 with radar range finder they were switched. On the port side of the pelorus is the signal man's hooded table, log desk and radar repeater. An access way is located on the starboard side of the pelorus.

There are two sky lookout stations, port and starboard, each with two positions, one aft for air lookout and one forward for sea lookout. Each lookout had binoculars and an alidade for his use. Furthest aft is the MK52 director control station which housed the MK26 radar equipment and supported the MK52 gun director with radar mounted on the roof.

General QuartersSound


Flying Bridge USS SLATER Flying bridge aboard the USS SLATER DE766 circa 1944


Flying Bridge Pre-Restoration Flying bridge before restoration   


Flying Bridge Today Flying bridge after restoration    

flying bridge
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