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Memorial Donations

Remember your loved ones with a donation to the Destroyer Escort Historical Museum.

The Destroyer Escort Historical Museum memorial program was created as a way of enabling our members and their friends, the supporters of the USS SLATER, to remember their loved ones.

To make a memorial donation, complete this form PDF/WORD and mail it to us with your payment instructions. Unless otherwise indicated, your donation will be placed in the Endowment Fund. This will ensure that your donation will continue to help preserve the USS SLATER for future generations.

View the In Memoriam list here.

Your support is so important. The USS SLATER is owned and operated by the private not for profit
Destroyer Escort Historical Museum as an IRS 501(c)(3). Founded by veterans as a living naval museum, USS SLATER is listed as a National Historic Landmark. Its operation is funded by contributions from loyal members, volunteers, former ship crews, corporations and private foundations. The Museum does not rely on taxpayer money, but on the generosity and patriotic spirit of those interested in preserving our naval heritage and insuring that the memory of these veterans is not forgotten when they are gone.