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Scouting for Boys and Girls

Climb onboard the USS SLATER museum ship as part of your merit badge requirements, to acknowledge an achievement, or conduct a ceremony. If you plan a merit badge activity or ceremony our staff will assist you in conducting it.

Past groups have come prepared to work on the following:

Merit Badges

  • American Heritage Project

The USS SLATER is listed a Historic Landmark.  Visit our ship to complete this project that asks Scouts to describe the process of becoming eligible for listing.  As well, Scouts can research Frank O. Slater whose contribution to American history is what lies at the core of our collective identity.

  • Citizenship in the World

Meet in the Ward Room or Crew’s Mess to discuss issues such as differences between constitutional and nonconstitutional governments, or how the USS SLATER was a representative of the US Government abroad, both as the SLATER DE766 and then as the AETOS 01

  • Radio Merit Badge

Visit our Radio Room to begin learning about shortwave listening and International Morse Code.

  • Bugling           

Demonstrate your bugling skills onboard USS SLATER with Reveille, Assembly or Fall In, Mess, Drill, Church, Fire, To the Colors, Call to Quarters, and Taps

Ceremonies and Awards
Cross the gangway or assemble on the fantail to celebrate:

  • Flying Up
  • Challenge Pins
  • Wings
  • Crossing Over
  • Interest Project Awards
  • Community Service Bar
  • Senior Girl Scout Challenge Pin
  • Cadette Girl Scout Challenge Pin
  • Bridge to Cadette Girl Scouts Award
  • Bridge to Senior Girl Scouts Award


Hoist the Flag
Learn how to properly care for the American Flag and the meaning behind each of the 13 ceremonial folds.  What does the final shape symbolize?  How do you honor the flag at night?

Overnight Camping
Stay the night on the USS SLATER! Find out more information here!