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Reefer Deck

The refrigerated storeroom or ice machine room was known as the "reefer deck."  This space was located one deck below and forward of the mess decks.  This space contained a machinery room with two refrigeration compressors, electric motors and condensers.  Forward of the machinery room were three walk in coolers, a meat locker, a vegetable cooler and a dairy cooler.  When in port, loading stores was an all hands evolution.  The food stores were brought aboard and lowered down to this space.  As food was used it was broken out each day and hauled up to the galley.  Food was generally quite good a few days out from port but the quality deteriorated the longer you were at sea as fresh vegetables, eggs and milk were replaced by canned and powdered substitutes.

Reefer deck aboard the USS SLATER DE766
Reefer deck aboard the USS SLATER DE766




Reefer deck pre-restoration
Reefer deck before restoration