Parts Needed for USS Slater Repair and Restoration

Mechanical Parts Needed

1.  Oval hatch, handwheel, spring, dogging mechanism & coaming (essentially the whole assembly - Slater has four of these on the weather deck, all are corroded to the point of failure) - Quantity needed = 4

2.  Linear thermometers.  These screw into a threaded well that is welded into a tank wall or pipe.  All you need to remove these are channel lock pliers.  Be careful, since some of these contained mercury. Slater needs many of these to complete or machinery space restoration. Quantity needed = many

3.  WWII era valves & valve handwheels - Quantity needed = many


4. Pressure switch used in automatic machinery control such as compressed air, refrigeration, etc. Quantity needed =8

5. WWII era lifeline turnbuckles and hardware.  These are bronze. Please send us the whole lifeline, we'll cut or splice them to our needs.  Quantity needed = 20