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Teaching Tools

Part of our educational mission is to provide free access to teaching resources. The following links provide you with downloadable material to incorporate in any phase of your lessons.  

DBQs and Object-Based Learning (Grades 7-12)
Students learn to interpret primary source material as well as identify the differences between primary and secondary sources. Documents reflect the era in which they were created, through language, script, raw and finished materials used to create a document, as well as the definition of a common word as its meaning changes over time. Ask the questions of who, what, why, when, and where to uncover hidden meanings or examine age-old assumptions held throughout history. Students strengthen skills in analysis, synthesis, and how to infer meaning which lead to articulation and conveyance of new knowledge in their own words.

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Jump-Start Critical Thinking (Grades 4-12)
Mix and match your graphic organizers in conjunction with Jump-Start Critical Thinking Questions to facilitate student-centered expression of a new concept, note-taking skills, study organizers, manipulation of statistics, journal keeping, and interpretation of graphs.  

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