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The Traveling Classroom....Open the past to reach the future!

Museum in a Bag, brings to you variously-themed lessons to augment your existing curriculum units, according to the standards and benchmarks of the Social Studies Curriculum Guide, grades K-4 and 5-8.  You have access to primary and secondary source material, original clothing items and objects, reproduction artifacts, music CDs, DVDs, and VHS tapes, lesson plans with activities, in addition to assessment tools to monitor the progress of your students. 

The program fee is $75.00 within a twenty mile radius of the Slater. Beyond the twenty mile radius the charge will be 55 cents per additional mile plus the program fee. Program fees are per visit, per location.

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Questions? Contact our Education Department through email at, or call our general phone number 518-431-1943.


We currently offer the two following traveling bags:

Call to Duty

Key Terms: Aggression; Allied Nations; Axis Powers; Battle of the Atlantic; Boots; Civic Responsibility; Concentration Camp; Democracy; Destroyer Escort, Dictatorship; Duty; Government; Holocaust; Isolationism; Neutrality; Pacific Theater; Patriotism; Propaganda; Ration; Superpower; Watch rotation; Wolf pack

Why did teenage boys and young men leave the comfort of their homes to enlist in the U.S. Navy, to endure the mental and physical demands of life at war?  Open a time capsule and meet the teenage boys who went to war, living and surviving side by side, onboard destroyer escorts.

See a sampling of objects, images and documents from the Museum in a Bag: Call to Duty

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In Service on the Home Front

Key Terms: Battle Front; Bill of Rights; Collective identity; Home Front; Patriotism; Propaganda; Scrap, United States Constitution; V-Mail; Victory Garden

Civilians living on the home front during World War II became part of the war effort through various government-regulated programs.  While in service on the home front, families and individuals formed a bond through shared sacrifices in everyday life.  The collective identity became the home front, in support of the battle front abroad where teenage boys and young men risked their lives to save democracy, and preserve the freedoms you have today. 

See a sampling of objects, images and documents from the Museum in a Bag: In Service on the Home Front