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Drydock news for the USS SLATER

The Slater is going to the Caddell Dry Dock and Repair Company shipyard on Staten Island next year, for more work in a dry dock. The primary purpose of the visit is restoration of the mast, but the ship will be inspected below the waterline, and the hull will be repainted.

The scheduled date to leave Snow dock in Albany is 29 March, 2020, and the work is expected to take four weeks. 

The work is expected to cost $700,000. $200,000 will be covered by a National Park Service Maritime Heritage Grant. We have just about completed raising the required $200,000 match. We are working to raise an additional $300,000 to fully fund the shipyard work.

Our anticipated opening date for 2020 will be Wednesday, 6 May.

view of river thrugh through rotted brace

A view of the river through a rotted out brace

This presentation  by Barry Witte shows how important the work is, and some of the preparations being done.